What do you want that for?  screenshot

What do you want that for?

Helena’s dilemma

The other day, during lunch, my great boss (bow) showed me his last widget, a smart-watch.

I was very interested on it and with few of my fellow workmates, we started a conversation about it, asking as much user information as possible. Everything was great and happy until someone made The Question: “What do you want that for?”

There was no possible way to answer back.

We all have smartphones (3G/4G/wifi), tablets (inches/dual core) with incredible interconnection possibilities, but… we don’t have a 3.0 Bluetooth watch. Is it not a reasonable answer?

That made me think about technology and society. How necessary the widgets are and why we need them for. So let me recreate a normal day on a normal non-hipster life ant let’s see how significant all of those innovations are in our day by day.

6:00 a.m. and your amazing Ipad reminds you, through his powerful docking station, that it’s time to wake up. Your favourite downloaded ITunes list reverberates in your head and overwrites your happy weekend memories with subway shoves and the continuous bus driver’s break test.

You turn the buzzer off and Siri comes to life, letting you know the necessity of wearing your Gore-Tex shoes and your new Phase-change material to maintain your body at certain temperature.

Your phone beeps again. Five friends have retweeted your funny comment and now you are trending topic of the minute. Your hot friend on Facebook has been uploading pictures on a Caribbean beach with that fancy (stupid) guy. You press like on the one “not obvious one” and enjoy the views of the Caribbean ocean with her feet in the middle. Two mails: new jobs and Viagra.

Samsung Galaxy Gear shows you the shortest way from your place to work and the average time. Having your breakfast it reminds you how healthy your non-fat energy extra dry bars are and cheers you up with your new adapted workout for your coffee break at work…

Life, love and technology

That’s enough! Done! Finished! Today is your first non-technology day. You left everything behind and decided to confront the world with you bare hands. For one day you will not need an android upgrade, no mysterious electronic guidance, no online friend communities, the only smart thingy today will be YOU!

So you get off home, and because you are not focus on your blackberry, you can look around and enjoy an amazing day. The sun light is finding the way between the buildings, it reflects into a window and shines showing one of the most beautiful compositions you ever seen in your Canon friend’s Club life. But you left your 25 megapixel Luma Tech lens camera at home…

Don’t worry, life goes on. You go to work and take the subway. It’s the first time you don’t have your Dr. Dre’s Beats audio headphones on so it’s the first time you notice all the horrible coughs a noises that people normally produce.

Without your 4G gadgets you are completely lost and you’ll find out that your line is close in the worst way. You are stuck with fifty “Kindle people” and you have nothing to do. You look around for a friendly face and you see her. So beautiful, so friendly, looking at you… and the only thing you can think about is: “I need to check her criminal records online”. But you can’t and she is approaching and without your power balance, your biorhythms are moving crazy.

She asks for your name and you just remember your last and stupid picture on Instagram. It’s mandatory to change it before she checks for you. But you can’t.

In the middle of a full wagon, surrounded by e-books and amazing Candy Crush games, you found love. A nice chat, talking about non 3D-movies, old fashion walks on non-virtual streets, with no recommended direction, no discount vouchers and no affinity radar. Just two people having fun on an old fashion way. Eating normal food, sitting on a coffee shop without Mac Pros on the lap, chatting face to face and being able to touch each other.

Did you remember that? When we used to agree to meet at one hour on one place and everyone was there. When we used to have some drinks on a pub without upload our exact position on Facebook and we didn’t need to remember every single moment with “duck face”. There was a time when life was easier, the phone batteries lasted longer and Youtube didn’t destroy our nights after “This is the last one…” phrase.

What happened then? Do we really need all of those gadgets we are consuming right now? Is it completely necessary the continuous virtual connection to be happy?

Why do we want that for?

We are living on a hyper technical world with thousands of machines doing exactly the same thing, offering the same applications, creating the same expectations and with promises of being the best ones of their generation. One camera more bigger/smaller/thinner, higher memory intern/card capacity, professional, Google/Microsoft/Apple… in essence everything is the same.

Why do we need that? Is it not possible to be happy out of the cloud-based society?

Blaming companies, advertising and governments it’s easy, but how many of us stopped a conversation after a Whatsapp’s beeping or Viber calls?

Technology has become an accessory in our life style. We have digital life on social networks, chats… actually they are considered as “life extensions”.

Thanks to Internet now we can study, date, go shopping… from home, saving human resources and new markets and network advantages. It creates new kind of professionals, new products or economic growth, just by clicking on a website.

Out of work, in 2012 we spend around thirteen hours a week on Internet and newspapers and magazines are becoming more popular online than on the classical format. 399.1 thousand US billion dollars were spent online in 2012. But we still have the classic option to choose so is up to us which one to pick.

Yes, it would be nice to go vintage and bring back to life your Nokia, Motorola or (even better) Alkatel One Touch Easy… but, really? How long it will be until we forget about that beautiful subway girl’s phone? How many stupid chat misunderstandings can we miss before it’s too late? How many coffees can we get before it’s too obvious that we crossed to the “friend zone”?

We need technology to make our lives easier, or at least less complicated.

Nowadays the technology stocks to buy are still growing. From Silicon Valley (California) to Japan, developers from all around the world are using their R+D+I laboratory resources to create new machines, new solutions for our life style. The new high-tech lets us carry and even wear more powerful computers than the ones that NASA used to launch the Apollo XI to the moon. How many things can we do with all of those gadgets today?

There was a day when the wheel was the most technological advance and now we don’t pay attention to it. Technology will surround us and will help us to have a better live. We just have to be able to use it wisely and mix our old fashion lifestyle it with Twitter life.