Xbox day ONE  screenshot

Xbox day ONE

November 21st 2013, eight o’clock, Madrid (Spain). It’s a really cold night on the Spanish capital, but a lot of media professionals pile in front of a white tent. Just two words are written on the top of it: Xbox One.

Before the next-gen big launch, Microsoft decided to organize an open weekend to show users and fans all the console possibilities and have a first look on games and the all-in-one controller.

Inside the tent, a 360 video was being played. Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA 14 or NBA 2k14 were some of the playable games we could find out and test, and we have to admit that they looked pretty good.

The event host officially introduced the console. As we noticed after E3 and other Microsoft’s events and presentations, Xbox One console is thought to be the epicentre of our living room. The new Kinect has a 1080p camera and it perfectly recognizes our face and gestures, offering a new gaming and interactive experience level.

The gamepad has been designed for hard-core gamers. Lighter and smoother than Xbox 360, this one is more comfortable to hold and all the buttons are perfectly reachable.

As we said before, the games looked fantastic even though it was possible to appreciate when the resolution is 720 instead of full HD.

María Garaña Corces (President and CEO of Microsoft Iberica) welcomed everyone to the event and officially opened the Microsoft Xbox One experience. Later that night, the specialized shops were open for all of those who had the console reserved.

Sergio Ramos and Cesc Fábregas (Spanish national team soccer players) played against each other to Forza Motosport 5 for being the first person in Spain to get one Microsoft’s console Home.

It’s still early to know witch next generation console will win this Christmas selling battle, but it seems that nowadays Sony PlayStation 4 has more pre-reserves than Xbox One. It also seems that Microsoft is not worried about that fact and really believes that its enormous third party title string and all the console possibilities (cinema streaming, Internet, chat…) will convince users to join them.

The console was launched in different packs with: the console, Kinect 2.0 sensor, HDMI cable, Xbox headset and a digital copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts or Forza Motosport 5 (you have to download them from the cloud). Over the coming weeks, Microsoft will increase the number of games for the console to complete the 21 titles that the company promised us for Christmas.

But we will have to wait till 2014 to receive the big amount of blockbusters and all the Windows Live services to be implemented and fully operational.

In few days PS4 will be on the streets. A more powerful machine with fewer amount of games, but full of options and PSVita interaction.

The ball is in your court, which console will you choose for your living room?