DOTA 2 vs. League of Legends  screenshot

DOTA 2 vs. League of Legends


MOBA (Multiplayer Online battle Arena) titles are the most popular free-to-play games these days. Since Defense of the Ancients was born, dozens of similar titles have been released. But I want to talk about the true MOBA titans: League of Legends and DOTA 2 . Each one has its own unique features, although the finality of both games is the same: destroy your enemy before he destroys you. Let’s see some important aspects to help you choose your MOBA.

Graphic Differences

Main maps may seem similar at first sight, but the truth is that DOTA 2 map is much bigger and detailed. Both have three symmetric lanes which lead to a base, but DOTA 2 has different height levels and a specific environment for each team’s side, since one team will be “The Radiant” (the good guys) and the other will be “The Dire” (the bad guys). Half of the map is decorated as a bright forest for the radiant, while the other half is a rotten wasteland, home of the Dire.

DOTA heroes and LoL champions are both detailed and their skills are visual and smooth, but some League of Legends champions are a bit outdated. However, Riot works actively to fix them, giving the most outdated champions some visual reworks. After this, I will have to give the Graphic point to DOTA 2.

Gameplay Mechanics

Both games are so damn hard to play the first time, and the learning curve is pretty high. There is just too much information to learn when you are a beginner. These MOBA games won’t hook you after your first game, you will have to learn some complex strategies and sacred rules so you avoid being called a “noob” (a rude way to call you a rookie).

This said, League of Legends has more intuitive controls for beginners. Characters will respond to your commands smoothly and it is comfortable to block the view at your character by using space just once. I find DOTA 2 characters less responsive, and sometimes is tedious to do some basic tasks: call the courier using hotkeys, block the view by double tapping the key, put some items in your stash before you get killed and send the courier back to base when the job is done… with hotkeys again. I give Mechanics Point to League of Legends hands down.

Characters and In-Game Store

After every LoL match played you will receive Influence Points, which is the game currency. When you have enough of this, you will be able to get new champions. Unlike LoL, DOTA 2 lets you pick any hero you want, doesn’t matter if you are a new player or a veteran. League of Legends method is a good way for the players to know better every champion they purchase. Let’s be honest: once you get Fizz, you will be throwing fishes to people for weeks. Nevertheless, DOTA 2 eliminates the necessity of buying them so you can enjoy all the heroes.

Both titles offer in-game purchases with real money. And both in-game stores are expensive. It is true that you can play for free, but if you want to customize your favorite heroes/champions, you will have to get some new skins if you play LoL or some set parts for your hero in DOTA 2. LoL also gives you the chance of getting new champions with real money if you are too impatient to get it with Influence Points. Although this point is hard to award, I’m giving it to DOTA 2.

In-Game Customization

DOTA 2 allows the player to get customizable interfaces as well as custom announcers (with real money), but regarding playable customization, it doesn’t offer too much. You can set a specific guide made by experienced players to show up for your character, so you can follow the build they use step by step.

League of Legends offers a wide range of customizable elements. First of all, you will have to set your masteries; these are skill trees that you set according to your character’s role. You can have loads of them and pick the one you need for the champion you are playing at the moment. You can also buy Runes with Influence Points. These runes will improve your champion’s stats passively, so they are valuable in early game. Moreover, you can create your own builds and divide the items into several categories, like Offensive, Essential, etc. You can choose which champions will use a specific build and the maps in which a custom set will show up. In-game customization point goes to League of Legends.

Additional Information

We have a tie here; both are great games that deserve to be tried at least once. If I have to choose, I will stick by LoL. Of course DOTA 2 is fun and elaborated, but I find League of Legends controls way easier to handle and I love the lore of the characters. If you choose LoL too, be aware the next time you see a Thresh landing perfect hooks at the Summoner’s Rift, that guy could be me.

After this comparison, which MOBA game do you prefer? What is your favorite DOTA 2/ LoL character?